Practical matters and chess.

We have accomplished the task of connecting this website with Spotify, so WELCOME if you just hit us up from that link. Also, it’s again possible to reach us with an e-mail from the contact page here. No captcha right now and that means we will have to change it and maybe temporarily close it if we receive lots of spam. A new teaser for the album “All the songs in the world” is to be published this month. This time we’ve made a stop motion thing of a chess game with an audience for the song “Burning Bridges Building Walls”. This week radio stations, that usually receive our music, should access the upcoming release “Leaving Everything Behind” by e-mail. If your haven’t received it by Friday, let us know and we’ll look into that next week. Joint session with lots of fun planned for this weekend and, who knows, maybe more songs will be made.

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