The Holidays

At the moment one Yo is mixing and mastering the new material to be released early next year and the other Yo is tearing his hair trying to get some sense out of Google Ads that block all our ads on YouTube these days. We’ve filled out every form they sent us just to get a weird reply thst never addresses the issue (Hmmm – so that’s what that song is about…)

We keep promoting the latest album and now also the Christmas single on other social media platforms that actually works and with all other methods at hand. We’ve noticed streaming from places where we’re certain our only activity has been getting stickers out, so it’s fun to see that they really work too. Apart from that we are making plans to get some business cards with unpublished songs out soon. It has been quite a while since we did that, so we figure it’s about time. At the time it looks as if Tokyo and Florida might get some, but it’s still early days and lots of things going on, so wait and see. As usual you’ll find pictuers and clues on our facebook page.

Since 2012 we have published a full length lyric video on YouTube every Christmas and this year means no exception to that rule. From our first album “All the songs in the world” we have chosen the chess game video “Burning Bridges, Building Walls” as it still feels relevant to the mood of our time. We’re considering not to publish teasers on YouTube futher on, but stick to full length lyric videos for a while. It’s all depending on how the contact with Google Ads will turn out. It migth be the case we need to take down our audio files from YouTube music and perhaps also Google Play in order to promote our videos but we’re not there just yet.

Signing out this time with rock and pop and twanging guitars in my ears – listening to the new songs to be released next year.

Yo & Yo – Kiss ‘n’ Hug
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