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Busy days right now and it’s so much fun! First of all we want to thank everyone sharing our music or supporting our music in other ways. We are so grateful for every helping hand. So, the plan for placing business cards this year is just about to be realized and the first one should turn up in Florida very soon. There’ll be a few ones there and we might also make it to Memphis, but you need to check our facebook page to know when and exactly where. In Europe there will be cards in Norway and Spain and we hope to place some in Asia, Japan as well. It will be the first time for our cards to go out in Tokyo and it’s always exciting to reach new places.

We still haven’t solved the problems promoting our music with Google Ads, they’re still talking about forms to fill out and we’re still telling them it’s our work and we’d like to promote it and we’d gladly fill out a form that’s intended for creators and not corporations. We still beleive the problem is YouTube Music, since they created a new profile for us on YouTube (without asking for our permission – maybe we should ask them to fill out some forms) and that’s why we’ve taken down lots of releases from YouTube Music and also the reason why you won’t find the upcoming EP 02022020 there. We might have to ask them to close down the profile created on their music site, but we’re still hoping they could merge it and let us control the content. Anyway we don’t see any reason to pay Google Ads anything if they cannot deliver any ads. We continue promoting our work with stickers, business cards, e-mail and other social media ads.

The upcoming release 02022020 has now been sent to radio stations that have received our stuff before. No physical copies this time, only digital. Unfortunately we ran a bit late so we missed the intended release date and it’s scheduled to be released 02042020. We’ve uploaded the full length lyric video for the first track “Wiggle Your Wicked Pants” to go live on our YouTube channel on 02022020, so at least one track will be out that day.

Due to the heavy workload we have not been able to work on the reissue of the EP “Dirt”. We will get back to that as soon as we can find the time and for those of you that miss the songs we on your streaming service you can still listen to them at our YouTube channel.

Now we will keep up the steam for the new EP 02022020 and we already have confirmation that some songs have hit the airwaves in a few places. If you represent a radio station that wish to receive our music – drop us a line and we’ll make sure you get all you need. Rock On!

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