Business Cards

For years we have been placing our business cards in public places all over the world. During the first year or so we only placed them and wrote about it afterwards, but when we created our Facebook account we started publishing pictures and clues there as soon as the cards were in place to create a possible interactive thing between the Internet and reality. The cards lead you to our original website where we have our own streaming portal. There is a username and password on the card that will give the finder access to a playlist of some demo tracks and unpublished songs of ours. Below we have gathered the years and places as far as our records will tell and we’ll update this page after new cards have been placed. Oldest cards at the bottom of this page and the latest up here. Notice that the closest to real time exposure of a business card will be on Facebook. (No business cards placed since early 2020 due to the pandemic.)

2020 – USA – Florida, Tennessee; Norway – Oslo; Spain – Madrid. Due to the pandemic no cards were placed after March.

2019 – Singapore; Bali; Sweden – Stockholm; Norway – Oslo; Greece – Nidri; France – Troyes, Bourgogne (and more); Germany – Hamburg; Canada – Ottawa (and more).

2018 – USA – Plano, Dallas, New Orleans, Austin, San Antonio, Denton, Forth Worth, Osprey, Miami, Atlanta, Washington D.C.; Australia – Brisbane, Sydney; UK – Brighton, London (airport); Belgium – Thieux; France – Ludes; Germany – Mannheim, Schleswig-Holstein; Indonesia – Bali; Malaysia – Pantai Chenang; Singapore – Langkawi airport (and more); Italy – Sestriere; France – Montgenèvre.

2017 – USA – Boston, New York, San Francisco; UK – Brighton, London; Iceland – Reykjavik; Denmark – Copenhagen; Germany – Düsseldorf (and more); Spain – Malaga, Sevilla, Nerja, Granada

2016 – USA – New York, Los Angeles (and more); Canada – Montreal, Niagara Falls (and more); Turkey – Antalaya (airport); Sweden – Gothenburg; New Zeeland – Wellington and Thailand – Ao Nang, Krabi.

2015 – USA – Miami, New York, Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas (and more); Denmark – Elsinore, Copenhagen (Kastrup airport); Spain – Tenerife, Mallorca and Barcelona; Netherlands – Amsterdam (Schipol airport); Germany – Berlin (airport), Hoisdorf-Schwarzenberg (and more); UK – London (airport); Austria – Meyerhofen (and more); Italy – Venice; Canada, Vancouver; Austria, Vienna. From now on there are pictures on Facebook of every card and some of them can be found here, on Instagram and Twitter too.

2014 – USA – New York. No pictures; UK – London and more; Denmark – Copenhagen; USA – South Dakota, New Jersey, New York; China – Beijing and more (newspaper stand at airport); Spain – Barcelona. First pictures published on Facebook.

2013 – Spain, Germany, USA – New Orleans, Sweden – Malmoe. No pictures.

2012 – Africa, Europe, South- and North America. No pictures were taken at this stage and we lost track of what specific countries or cities the cards were placed in.