You have reached the home of songwriters/band Yoyo xno. We aim to write a song or two that you will care for. Above you can see buttons that will lead you to further information, sound and visuals to get to know us better. To the right you find short posts about what’s up and below, some of the things we feel would be a good first impression. wotlk gold



Below pictures with links to some of the radio shows that play our songs or support us in other ways, or have done so for a couple of years.



Below album, EP and single covers with original release year. Latest release first. 


4 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Amanda Ayao says:

    Heya, you posted the link to Merry Chistmas (have some fun) on our FB page. We’d like to have an mp3 to add to our playlist! My email can only receive up to 10mb I believe. If the file is larger than that, let me know, we can possibly transfer through dropbox.

    Mandi Ayo
    106Three Radio Lafayette

  2. YoYo says:

    We’re always happy to send our music to radio stations that would like to have us on air. The best, or fastest, way to get in touch will always be our email. Please use the contact button above for these matters. (TV stations that like our lyric videos and would like a copy are also welcome.)

  3. WBER says:

    Your CD you sent us, did not work.

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