Lyric video in the making…

Whilst waiting for the approval of the new single and the numbers to go with it, we are editing footage for the lyric video. Only one version will be on YouTube and we’ve chosen the hard and sligthly disturbed version. Influenced by the experimental and creative recording techniques of Sylvia Massy we stripped down the drum kit and set up one dynamic and one condenser mic just a bit above the right knee for the recording of drums on this track. (There’s a pic of that setting on the page “Pictures” here.) You’ll also find a crushed moog synth, distorted guitar, weird noises from rolling marbles electronic devices accompanied nice gentle vocals and vocal comments like “huh” (We’re just sooooo tired of guys screaming “hey” with lots of reverb in the background of every song these days).  Footage for the video will be from recording sessions, the winter wolf, icicles melting, some frames from California and the Rock ‘n’ Roll hall of fame in Cleveland – why not.

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