Distributors know all about cover art!

This week we were surprised that our upcoming released bounced back due to the poor quality of the cover art. If you have followed us the past four years, you know that our cover art has been the same for the most part of our singles and that we always use pixilated pictures. We have chosen this way of presenting our music since we don’t sell a face – it’s not important what we look like. We do believe that cover art is for the artist to decide and until now that has been the case, but not anymore. When we uploaded the cover art for our first single…

…the bot told us that this picture is pixilated, if that’s the way you want it continue, and we did. Now, the cover for upcoming single “Transition” bounced back because distributors will not publish pixilated covers that look like this:

Therefore we exchanged the pixilated background picture of ourselves to please the distributors and, why not, we could be less blurred if it’s so important. We uploaded a new cover art to put an end to it…

No, this is too pixilated!!! Isn’t it just wonderful that distributors know how to judge the quality of cover art by measuring pixels? We wonder if we’ll be allowed to use distortion on the guitar sound in the future.

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