Songwriting NOLA

Coming to New Orleans to get inspiration from the origins of popular music as we know it proved to be a blast! Not only did the Zydeco festival in Louis Armstrong Park bring out fantastic Zydeco music, one Yo also stumbled upon singer-songwriter Eliza Lynn and soon enough we decided to meet up and try to write a song together. Weekend brought more music like the traditional brass jazz in the street, second line and Ragtime and more. Monday evening the songwriting session took place at an airbnb. Eliza brought a melody and lyric that set the frame. One Yo tried out some chords on the keyboard and came up with an additional melody and lyric. We’ve got an embryo and will continue the work sending files back and forth. Eventually this might turn up as a release by either one of us or perhaps both – who knows. Check out Eliza on Spotify or any other streaming service. 

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