Lyric video and Bali!

We usually launch a lyric video on YouTube on Christmas Eve and this year means no exception from that rule. The final track from our EP “DIRT” “Lifetime” is this years Christmas gift from us. The video content was filmed a year or two ago when an exceptional intense fog came over the southern pre-studio area. In the nearby city we shot some scenes by the sound and in the city. One of the locations is a church ruin which falls in line with the lyric that expresses something about education, religion and relations. The song was first played in an interview with Arroe Collins on iHeartRadio (at the time) some years ago, but that version with full instrumentation is not the one we chose for the EP, nor the lyric video. Instead the soundtrack is the first live demo recording that was made just as the song had been written. We thought that the naked acoustic piano and voice suited the content better than a more elaborated version. We hope you find it and like it – link goes live December 24.

We also want to give you a heads up on the next location for our business cards. Right now we’re writing new usernames and passwords that will give the finder access to some unpublished songs on our own streaming portal and in about a week or so you will get pictures and clues in order to find them on our facebook page.

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