As for the plans this year we are continously working on a song with Eliza Lynn that we hope to publish at some point this year. We’re also making more teasers for the songs on our album “All the songs in the world” to publish on YouTube. You can expect something new there each month and every now and then it will be a full length lyric video.

So, we haven’t really found out where, how or if we should publish a chronicle for 2018 and at the moment the calendar is kind of full and there’s not much time to write it all. For the time being you can check blog posts here, fb, instagram and twitter to get the background.

The latest writing session is still ongoing. We had hoped to have all songs ready by now, in order to polish production for a while. The aim is to be totally digital on the next album. We’ve noticed that there are so much guitars in our previous releases and want to force ourselves not to use them at all. No fixed date as to when this album will be released, but if you follow us here or somewhere else you will know.

Until April we’ll work in our separate studios but then we’ll have a get together and some fun. The summer will most likely involve lots of studio work and we’ll see whar happens next. We’re sketching on a few new collaborations, but nothing is decided yet.

Thanks for streaming our songs and sharing our music with others!

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