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Having another go at making our appearance better on all the platforms out there. Still haven’t been able to make YouTube Music connect with our own channel or changing the profile picture they’ve taken from a video. Just so you know – it’s not a picture of the band. If you’ve been following our journey for years here, you know that the pig and the wolf are only YouTube characters that appear in our videos and not the band. We did, however, manage to create an artist account on Spotify and we’ve connected our Intagram, Facebook and Twitter there. Couldn’t find the option to connect this website, but you’re here and you know this is where the whole picture of Yoyo xno is. Added a few pictures to our Spotify profile too, but we didn’t create an “Avatar” (Yes, we think that’s what they call a profile picture) since the message was that it couldn’t be changed once we put it there. So we’ll let them use the latest cover as our profile picture for the time being. There seems to be a problem finding our releases on Napster, not the first time, and we’re looking in to that matter too. Work with songs for the upcoming album is put on hold right now, but rest asure we’ll get back – Yoyo xno,

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