Great get together

We had a “Wunderbar” get together this weekend in Stockholm thanks to Eddie Izzard. It’s always good times when we get to see eachother IRL and talk face to face about everything. Hours of conversations, great meals and after Eddie’s show we ended up in one Yo’s kitchen with guitars and started making new music. It’s truly amazing how we seem to find new ways in harmonies and melodies when we improvise together – it would be fun to do this more often. Planning for future things we decided to try to finish the next digital album within the following two weeks, so that it can be released this fall. Then we want to go analog mystic, anthem-like, dwelling on that or slammering punk. You never know what the end result actually will be, just get the plan there and go for it and you’ll see where it takes you. It works great for us and rest asure it won’t be “Brexshit” or “Trumpshit” it will be “Wunderbar”!

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