Live recordings in the northern studio

Our joint session in the main studio up north was supposed to be us finishing the album to be released in a few months. There are still a few things to be done before we can upload it all and we actually made some improvements, but as usual we came up with a new great idea that rocked the boat severly. A few days before arrival one Yo said write two new songs and send raw takes of them with just guitar and vocals and I’ll pass them on to a drummer and keyboard player. Said and done. With a couple of new songs Yo and Yo then spent a few days talking, taking a swim, having some good food and drink and going through ideas recorded as voice memo’s on the phone. A unusual string of chords from the get-together in April was brought up to be elaborated with the others. We also found an old riff we made in a record store in LA years ago. An old track called “Frenchman”, that we weren’t pleased with, was also brought up in order to dress it up in new clothing. We spent a day recording and arranging these songs and made a total of six tracks that might constitute a live studio EP to be released next year. This journey is evolving and sometimes it follows some kind of long-term plan, but we always allow things to happen at the spur of the moment.

Northern main studio prepared for live recording.
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