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The last couple of weeks have meant lots of promo work in connection with the release of our second album “Kiss & Hug” and we’re happy to notice activity and streams in North and South America, Europe, Africa Oceania & Asia. No, not vast numbers, but we find the width thrilling and also that our listeners range from 13 to 60+ years old. It tells us that there is potential in the music we create and hence we’re not only promoting the new album but also working on the next release.

Five tracks were recorded live in the main studio up north this summer. Two songs were pretty much done when we did the session with a guest drummer and keyboardist and the other three tracks were invented from riff ideas and chord and melody ideas that we elaborated together until they became songs. As often when we work it’s intense and to the point and this recording and creating session all took place during one day. The rest of the time we listen, produce, go for a swim and have great conversation, food and drink.

So far this fall we’ve laid down the vocals for two tracks, started polishing the sound and added or replaced some instrumental tracks. The sound will probably be close to our early singles, such as “Goin’ Out”, “Two way Street”, with the difference that this time there’s no click-track only us humans playing.

First two proposals for the cover were finished this week. We’re using the same background picture as we’ve had on all releases since the release of our single “Transition”. The picture comes from the return flight from our first session in the northern studio years ago and has also been used on our first EP “Yoyo xno” and as a banner for our Facebook page. The filmed sequence from this flight was used in the lyric video “Walking on Sunshine” on YouTube. We still like the idea of staying rather incognito but this time the cover will reveal a little more what we look like. We just have to decide how much.

Thank you for taking an interest in the music we create and we hope you’ve found new great songs that will stay with you for a long time.

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