02022020 getting close!

So, the first week of placing business cards with username and password that gives the finder access to unpublished songs on our own streaming portal went great. This weekend it’s time for Norway, Oslo. You can follow these events on our Facebook page.

Finally, after more than a year the support people at Google Ads managed to explain what it actually is that they need in order for us to get our ads running there again. We still need some time to get all that in place, but at least now we know what they want. At least we hope so.

The new songs are getting out there and we just got word that something from the EP “02022020” will hit the UK airwaves 02022020. We’re also making arrangements with The David Bowers Awards for a new interview. Not yet scheduled time for the interview, but we’ll post on our social media accounts and here as soon as we know when it goes live.

Don’t miss the first track “Wiggle Your Wicked Pants” that goes live exclusively on our YouTube channel 02022020.

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