The David Bowers Awards this Sunday!!!

Technical issues that make us run a bit late seems to be the thing this year. We experienced some difficulties connecting to David Bowers with Skype for the interview and time ran out for one Yo that needed some beauty sleep. Therefore you’ll only hear the other Yo in this show talking about the latest EP 02022020.

This is the link to the David Bowers Awards Sunday 2 PM US Eastern Time – enjoy!

Two tracks will frame the interview “Wiggle Your Wicked Pants” and “Litte Mo”, but we noticed this week that Banks Radio in Australia has put “Without You (The Phone Song)” in place 4 of their favorite European tracks this week. It’s so much fun watching what tracks are favored in different places.

We’re keeping busy promoting the new EP and making future plans. Hopefully we will be able to upload “Little Mo” on YouTube this week and schedule the release there for early March or so. We had a business card placed in Madrid, Spain the past weekend and more will turn up there hopefully next week.

In short we hope to have a button on top here with a summary of all business cards placed in various places in the world over the years. It’s work in progress, but we thought it could be a fun thing to show under one heading.

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