Rock on!!!

We are so happy for the great reception of the new EP 02022020 and we seem to find a few new listeners here and there. The spins we know of in Wisconsin and New York, USA, in the UK, the latest interview with David Bowers are much appreciated.

For weeks the songs from the new EP have been played by our good friends in Canberra, Australia and hence we we feel obliged to make this special tribute for Valley FM.

In short the full length lyric video “Little Mo” will go live on YouTube, which makes two of the songs from “02022020” available there. This past week we’ve been spreading the news of this release to radio stations all over and we hope you will all have a good time singing along.

More business cards will be placed in Madrid very soon, as always you should check our Facebook page to find pictures and clues to find one. Keep streaming and sharing our music and thanks for doing so.

Latest business card in Madrid, Spain.
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