Adapting to circumstance

We won’t be placing business cards anywhere in the world in the foreseeable future. It doesn’t seem to be the smartest thing to do at the moment, but we will get back at it when things turn more normal. Instead we’re planning for the summer session and have made a list of 15 songs that we will try to record this summer. The recordings will be live, without click-track, just as the latest EP “02022020” in order to bring the live vibe that we think these songs will benefit from.

Right now the list of songs have been sent to all participants and rehearsal on your own is at hand. Everyone will have time to interpret the songs and how to present them on their instrument and then we’ll get things cracking as we get together – so much fun to look forward to.

We’re also working on finishing lyric videos for previously released tracks. Some of them have video teasers that we will stretch out and others need everything from scratch. We probably won’t be making teasers for YouTube as we still haven’t sorted out how to promote them. However there might be teasers on facebook as things work as usual there.

Mixing of the upcoming release (single this fall) is pretty much done. We’ll just have another last check that everything works this week and it’ll be sent to distributors. Take care and listen to good music.

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