Postponed recording session – new lyric video.

New lyric video!

Just as restrictions were becoming a bit lighter and we were hoping to get together in June to do the live recordings for our third album as planned, our drummer came down with Corona. We’re hoping it won’t get to bad and that we might get together in late July or early August. Meanwhile we will start writing material for future adventures. In our minds are ideas of doing something rather stripped down after the live rock sessions. Maybe we’ll find a string section to work with, maybe folk musicians, or a brass section. Since we won’t be recording right know our time will be used preparing for the next thing.

Lyric videos will continue to pop up on our YouTube channel, some of them are already made, just waiting to be published, and some of our published songs still need images of some kind to become decent lyric videos. We have just upgraded the video department and are learning to work with a new program for editing and hopefully it will contribute to making our videos better. However, the songs are always the primary thing about us, we don’t aim to create stunning videos, they just serve as a nice presentation of the lyric.

Take care and enjoy the songs.

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