The latest release “Free as a bird” has been very well received and were so grateful! The song has been on air in USA, Europe and Australia (to our knowledge that is) and we’ve received nice comments from listeners finding it a groovy, swinging piece that they’ve saved to their playlist. Someone thought the song sounded like something from “Disney’s – The Lion King” and we can totally understand that. Big thanks to everyone airing and sharing our music.

We’re working in our pre-studios mixing and adding things to songs to be released further on. A folk music group was in the studio to lay down some tracks and we might publish something from this collaboration, but it’s early days.

For years we have been publishing something every month on our YouTube channel, but we need to slow down there a bit to make time for more new music. You should, however, expect a new lyric video this Christmas, as we’ve published one every Christmas since 2012. Maybe we’ll have something new out there before that but right now this is all we know. Take good care and listen to good songs.

Listening with Spotify right now Israel barely visible and Hong Kong nor visible. Thanks!!!
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