Work in progress

No, we are not being lazy, there are a lot of things going on but it is all whithin the sphere of the creative process. The folk music thing is taking the shape of a single that we most likely will release in the winter of 2021. One track is a traditional “schottis” that won’t sound very traditional, more like Led Zeppelin and Ozzy Osbourne going folk. Yeah, aint that something to look forward to? The other track is our own work and one Yo picked up his fiddle and made some tracks for it to add the folk feeling. There is a new accordion track somewhere is cyberspace that need to land in the southern pre-studio to complete this track. After that, the remaining work is months of listening, shaping the sounds to make shure it will turn out fantastic in any odd speaker or ear-piece.

A short instrumental thing for a possible future album was created recently, but still needs work and, of course, more songs to accompany it. Plans for another duet are being made, but this time we have made contact with the vocalist before the song is created and intend to work together from the idea of doing this until there is a song. It is a different approach for us and it’s always nice to have new influences and ideas from start.

Finally the work of getting real drums in the southern pre-studio is coming together. The old kit that has been around since about 1979 has been living indoors for some time now and is starting to sound good. The microphone rig is now good enough and the first recordings to start moulding the sound has been made. If it all works out we might be able to use it on upcoming recordings.

There is not much work with promotion at the moment, but we keep updating Facebook on a daily basis, Instagram every other day and Twitter occasionally. We will also write here again in a bit to let you know how things develop.

drum rig 2020
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