Almost done

Finally the new songs have found their final mix and we are about to upload the tracks to our distributor. The schottis that we have altered is called “Schottis from Kalix” and is a well known traditional tune amongst folk musicians in Sweden. You can find a link to a traditional version of the song below the picture to the right. The other track Manamarammah did not just get one track accordion added, but three! So, mixing was a bit tricky to avoid frequency collisions. If everything works well we can start sending the songs to radio stations in a few weeks and they will go live on streaming services by the end of January. If possible, we will make a teaser for YouTube and Facebook, but time to do that will most likely not be found until the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays. we have noticed that in some places our Christmas single has started to get streams. Many thanks to everyone keeping our music in their annual holiday season playlists.

We are also happy to announce that work on an album or EP for next year is coming along, although we had to cancel collaborations as one Yo caught the virus that has become so popular this year. He is now on his way back again and we will step things up as soon as possible. New lyric videos will start to come out on our YouTube channel next year once a month, starting February.

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