Wrapping 2020 up, setting out for 2021

Some good things…

…happened towards the end of this weird year. A new radio station in Manchester UK gave us airplay and former acquaintance in Ashland USA put another song in rotation. It’s always fun to know where our music is being played, but we understand not everyone is able to keep us noticed.

Our Christmas single got some streams this Christmas too and it’s lovely to see that some good people keep the songs spinning in their Holiday playlists. It seems to have met a few new listeners as well. On December 24 we launched the lyric video “Lonesome Road” as planned. We have launched a lyric video on this date since “IRL” that was released 2012 and this year we felt that something gloomy would be suitable.

The upcoming single has been delivered to everyone usually receiving our songs digitally and we’ve got some good response from radio folks. We also found time to create a lyric video for the first track and as it’s kind of connencted to this year we have decided to get it out on New Years Eve. You’ll see why if you watch it. Teaser will turn up on Facebook. The single will go live on streaming services January 22, 2021 as scheduled.

We also found time to move this website to a new server that we hope will make things here run smoother and more stable.

As a lot of things stay uncertain with the pandemic going on, we’re not sure what we will be able to do during next year. So far we have scheduled for one lyric video to go live on our YouTube channel every month starting in February. We are working on new tracks but don’t know whether it will constitue an EP, or an album, or maybe some singles. We have been discussing to create an album of our early single releases and maybe that could be the album to release in 2021.

Signing out with wishes you’ll be all good and stay healthy – the journey continues.

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