New York II

The unbelievable cold of the late February evening when I arrived in NYC was making me wonder whether I’d be able to spend anytime at all out in the streets. And I’m from northern Sweden. Watching the morning news the next day I realized these were record-breaking temperatures! It was still cold day two but manageable as I started walking the streets of Manhattan meeting with people in the business hitting mainly record companies, publishers and radio stations.

I would have loved to meet someone in the Brill Building back in the day when that was a place full of songwriters and people from the music business. Things are not the same today, but there are still places out there looking for the next hit song.

Some visits were planned in advance and others weren’t. No problems with the first category of meetings. But it was interesting standing outside some of the classic headquarters in the business that we hadn’t contacted; I couldn’t help myself, I just had to get in and talk to some of these companies as well:

-Good day, How can I help sir?
-I’ve got music.

A wonderful thing to be able to say.

The trip turned out to be a really nice one in the end with lots of interesting meetings during the days and cool music in the evenings. And the coffee and the steaks really are the best in the world!

YOYO would like to thank all of you who graciously accepted our promo material. Now, crank up the volume and dance!


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