Fresh start…

Well, one Yo chopped some wood with the new axe he got for Christmas and ended up at the hospital. No drumming down south for a while, unless he tightens the hi-hat and only use the right leg for the kick.

Hence there has been lots of desktop time and planning and a few efforts to get creative as well.

The new single “Til the virus has gone dead /Manamarammah” went live on streaming services on January 22 and both songs have been on air here and there. The first track went live as a lyric video on YouTube New Years Eve and we have managed to shoot new material for the second track as well. The good members of Kalasfolket joined us for this purpose and brought instruments and skis to a park for the occasion. One Yo sat down on a chair in the snowy garden, with a guitar on his right knee and the other foot on a chair. Yeah, if Dave Grohl can make concerts in that manner we can make lyric videos that way.

Hours have been spent going through a lot of material to find all of the pictures of business cards that have been placed all over the world since we started this project. Most of them have now been published here on the page “Business cards”. With the pandemic going on it’s not very likely that we will place any new cards anywhere this year, so enjoy all the nice views on display from the past.

We have also placed hashtags on a lot of old stuff (#yoyoxno) for those of you that use them. We really don’t know if that will have any effect on anything, but we’ll try to remember to use it as we’re publishing new posts on social media.

We previously announced that we will publish a new lyric video every month this year and it’s all set now. The first one to go live is the hard version of our song Transition that was released three years ago. Yet another collaboration and back then it was the wonderful voice of Emilia Cleasby that joined this project. We are now spreading the link to that video together with links to download both tracks to radio stations that have received our music by email before and hope that we might strike one or two that missed it the first time around.

We’ll keep you posted on what lyric video is up next here and on our social media accounts. Let’s make sure things get better all the time and stay away from axes.

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