New lyric video imminent

So, the ongoing digital lyric video tour continues with the song “Set in Stone” from the album “Kiss & Hug” in short. Footage this time of a windmill bicycle, fish swimming and a beach in the southern part of Sweden. The tour will continue throughout the year with one lyric video each month and here’s the list of the tracks to come.

Set in Stone – September 3, 2021

Better Days – October 1, 2021

Nothing Without You – November 5, 2021

Manamarammah (featuring Kalasfolket) – December 24, 2021

New lyric videos have been made for a couple of the songs of the upcoming album “Beyond Billbored” and will be published during next year. The first song to be published from that album is “Imminent” that will go live on music streaming services Friday September 10.

Many tracks are still being reviewed over and over to find ways to improve them, but are most likely ready for the album. Yet a few more tracks need some more work, drums, vocals and experimental efforts to become complete. The work with this will be ongoing throughout this fall and is the priority of our time spent on this project. Hopefully we will have everything in place in a few months.

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