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Xmas single

Now the holiday music has started and we notice our Christmas single has started getting some airtime and some streams already. We think it’s a bit early but we’re never sorry our songs get played. We will try to promote it some more this year too and amongst other things we’ll be on The David Bowers Awards with holiday greetings.

We just had a hectic period getting the songs for the new album “Beyond Billbored” ready and finally twelve tracks have been mastered and sent off to the digital stores. Now it’s time to start getting it out to as many radio stations as possible before the release. As some of them still wants physical copies for airplay we are now starting to create CD’s to ship away. We haven’t done this in a while as we only send albums this way and it’s been a while since we made an album. You might argue that “Col. Salts’s Singles Club” was released this year, but as it is a collection of early singles we didn’t push it that time. We hope to reach everyone in good time for them to review the album before it hits streaming services and hence the release date has been set to March 4, 2022.

One thing that we might not start up again is the business card thing. We have been doing it from the start up until the pandemic hit the world, but it’s still uncertain whether we will be able to pick it up again. Maybe we will find new ways of doing something similar, or maybe we will just hit it off like before when the time is right, but as for now you shouldn’t expect our business card to turn up anywhere in the world.

Lyric video tour…

…continues with a white Christmas this year. The good folks of “Kalasfolket” helped out making the lyric video “Manamarammah” from the single we made together this winter and the result will go live December 24.

We have also set up a list of videos for 2022, but not all of them are lyric videos. The second half of next year will bring you a live acoustic version of a song with just Yo and Yo and acoustic guitars. They are all taken from a live gig in front of a camera that we made back in 2017. We actually have published one track from this session as a single. It’s the acoustic version of “Leaving everything behind” that hit streaming services in 2019. So, if you want to catch a glimpse of what’s coming you know where to go. We will provide the full set list in future blog posts here.

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