Video Tour 2022

As mentioned in the previous post the digital tour for next year will contain not only of lyric videos, but also of six live tracks. The live tracks were filmed back in November 2017 when we did a small gig in front of a camera in the southern pre-studio. One song from this gig is already on YouTube and also as a single on all major music streaming services. It’s the acoustic version of “Leaving Everything Behind” that we let out a couple of years back.

The first six months will however be lyric videos as usual, mainly to complete the back catalogue on streaming services and make sure every song has a lyric video. Only one song from the upcoming album “Beyond Billbored” (out March 4, 2022) will appear as a lyric video next year. It’s the song “Imminent” that we released as a single prior to the album this fall. We try to keep an even flow on YouTube publishing one video each month and hence the other songs will have to follow later on. There might be a teaser or two released in between full length songs, but at the moment we’re not sure about that.

Here’s the list of 2022 on YouTube:

1 Better Ways * January 28

2 Yes * February 22

3 Where You Are * March 27

4 Alone (The Phone Song) * April 15

5 Imminent * May 6

6 Donny Love Guns (For Real) * June 3

7 Ground is Clay (Live Acoustic) * July 1

8 Unrefined (Live Acoustic) * August 5

9 Great Reward (Live Acoutic) * September 2

10 The Gamer (Live Acoustic) * October 7

11 Little Did I (Live Acoustic) * November 4

12 Lifetime (Live Acoustic) * December 24

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