Beyond billbored – March 4

Our primary objective these first months of 2022 has been to prepare the launch of our NEW ALBUM – Beyond billbored – that will hit streaming services on March 4. With the limited time we can spend, we try to reach as many as possible in time for the release and so far we have made plans with The David Bowers Awards for a new interview that will go live just before the release date if all works out. We have written a bit about the songs on the upcoming album on the “About-” page here, in case you would like to read a bit about the album on beforehand. You will need to scroll down to the bottom to find it though. For those of you that are familiar with our previous work “Beyond billbored” is probably closer to our first album “All the songs in the world” rather than the album “Kiss & Hug” that was all digital. The single “Imminent” that we released last fall is the final track on the new album and we want to thank everyone listening to and sharing the song with others.

Social media

So far this year, we have been able to publish something each day on Facebook, but it is uncertain whether we will be able to keep it up or might have to slow down there a bit. We have been publishing something on Instagram almost every other day up until now this year, but we want you to know that also here we might slow down. Twitter has been the platform where we have found new friends that help spreading our work recently and therefore we have increased our activity there the past three months or so.

So far we have not been able to create many lyric videos for the songs on “Beyond billbored” only “Imminent” and “Slow down” have been made so far. We hope to find time to resolve that issue during this summer and most likely most of them will go live 2023. We want to keep an even flow on our own YouTube channel and publish a song in some form every month, but all songs from the new album will go live on YouTube Music on the release date.

Thank you for reading! We will get back here when there are a bit new to write and you will find a link to the new interview on the “Interviews-” page when it’s out. Some of the pictures from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter turns up here on the “Pictures-” page as well.

Take care!

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