Moving on

We are so grateful for the fantastic reception our new album “Beyond billbored” has received. Lots of spins on radio stations all over the world and an unbeleivable spread of streaming from places everywhere (almost). “Cleaning the house”, “Perfect day”, “Tread Softly”, “Slow down” and “Imminent” have done very well and might be candidates to stay in our top ten songs for a while. We’re so happy you like the new songs. For the first time it seems like the Spotify algorithmics have picked up on our material. Many of the new songs, along with some older tracks have been featured in their radio function and that has only happened occassionally with a single song now and then before. Right now it seems to be something running there each day and we love it.


The new songs, as well as some old releases have also appeared on various playlists on Spotify. This thing started some time before the new album was released and we’re happy to see that it continues. Glad for anyone spreading the word, but we will never pay for promotion, so any such suggestions will always be turned down.


Although the weather has been a bit tricky over here, we’re heading for warmth and spring. The video tour on YouTube continues as planned and you can see all the release dates in the previous post here. We also will remind you through our social media platforms. We also will continue to take down old singles from music streaming services. They will remain on the album “Col. Salts’s Singles Club” released last year. First to disappear as a single is “The Gamer” (April) and later on “Givin’ It” (July), “Goin’ Out” (August) and “Just for You/Sunny Road” (March next year).

Other plans for the future are that we hope to gather the group of four people playing on our EP “02022020” in the northern main studio this summer. Hopefully we will be able to create enough tracks to let out an EP next year or so. We also have a couple of tracks that “Dick the stick” provided that we hope to let out as a sinlge, maybe this fall. Nothing really set in stone already, but these are all events likey to occur up around the bend.

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