In the summertime

We are enjoying summer and having the best of times. One Yo has been working on promotion and kept social media accounts running and we are, in fact, getting some results. It seems that Spotify algorithms have caught up on a couple of songs from the latest album, but also the back catalogue. Recently the songs “Wisdom” and “Make That Ride” have received quite a few streams and listeners through Spotify Radio and we can only hope that this will develop further as it is time to get together and that means very little time spent on the Internet with things like promo.

Other Yo got this stuff set up in the main studio and has been exploring “new” ways of music making. Gear is always a source of inspiration and can make you think in new ways. There has been time to play live too and of course time to relax. We’ll only have a few days together this time so we actually don’t expect anything to be produced. We’ll make sure to have a good time, take some pictures and get the Yoyo xno spirit on top. Thanks to everyone airing, sharing and streaming our music.

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