California fun


Just came back from a trip to CA. Main goal was having fun, finding inspiration to write new songs. Well it was fun and we came up with a new guitar riff whilst trying guitars at a store in LA. We also found time to play some old material with only acoustic guitars and made some development on some of the songs not yet published. One Friday night also meant a half hour performance for a small (read exclusive) and enthuisiastic audience.  As always we placed business cards with username and password, that gives access to our latest compilation of songs “Capturing Sensations” at, everywhere we’d make a stop. We were also able to hand over background material and CD to some labels, a social media production company, a radio station and a movie maker that we actually got to meet in person. We found some rare stuff at Amoeba record store LA and had a wonderful time with our friends as well. One Yo took of to UK and the other Yo went to Ohio to be with friends. The second Yo went back to CA for some more days with the most wonderful people in the world. Now, back to work. Writing more songs, promoting what’s already out there. Launched the full length lyric video “Good Game” on YouTube last night. Enjoy!

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