EP – in the making!

Last years total of four new singles will be followed up by an EP this year, if everything works as planned. It’s still early days though and the songs are just coming together, so we don’t have a release date just yet. So far we’ve decided to include four new songs, some of them written this year, one that was written even before this project started and one that was part of the first collection of songs at our own streaming portal. We will also include the two songs “Unrefined” and “Poison” from the latest single.

As we want to focus on writing some new material this year we haven’t been able to place that many business cards around the world so far, but hope to get some out there towards summer. We continue to push our work through Internet though and have published two short teasers on YouTube so far this year. The full length lyric video “Unrefined” will be out in a matter of weeks from now.


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