We’re happy to announce that our first EP will be released November 4. First song “In my room” came out as a result of our California stay last year and resembles the vibe from those days. “Unrefined” is already out on Google play, Tidal and other stores but this remix will hopefully sound even better. New song “Pet Farm (Happy Hog)” actually has been a demo for a number of years, loved by the few that have heard it, and cdcover2016ep2brings the reggae feeling back to our published songs. Then we’ve tried to polish up “Poison” which is also already out there in many digital stores – hopefully we’ve improved the sound here a bit too. Fifth and last song will be “All the way”, written this winter and immediately a song that we have to let out. In this piece you’ll hear six more voices that came to the studio down south to create a choir – thanks again everyone.

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