Plans 2017 and second teaser out.

This year came to an awkward start getting the chronicle out and then both websites started crashing every other day. Probably due to the old server going stupid and hence we started to move our sites to a new server that will hopefully keep things stable for a while. We also pondered over keeping these blog posts coming more often and containg a bit more, rather than publishing a chronicle once a year. This would be the first attempt to do so and we’ll have to see whether it’s possible to maintain publications here in this manner.

Another thing on the planning table was to create a e-mail newsletter for the radio stations playing our music. Well, at least those that accept music over the Internet, there are still quite a few that want CD’s instead. The e-mail has been prepared and contains all six songs on the upcoming EP “DIRT”, out March 17. The e-mail is constructed so that the receiver can stream the full length songs and then download the ones that fit their station format – if not all. We hope this will make things convenient and if you represent a radio station not receiving our music, but would like to, please let us know by dropping us an e-mail through the “Contact”-button here.

We’ve also been in touch with people that might contribute to a wider spread of our YouTube publications. Not that this is our priority, but as long as they’re out there it would be nice if more people got to know us that way. Our main focus will always be the music, the digital stores distributing it and radio stations, but with the public catalogue of songs growing we feel that something should be done to make it better known. Anyway, collaboration here is about to be established and hopefully it will lead to something good.

To develop the music further and have some fun, we might be going live in the studio up north this year. We’ve been in touch with a drummer and a bass-guitarist that could join in for a studio session where we will record some new songs live without click-tracks or any other technical support. This way we hope to bring a different kind of intensity to these tracks and make them more organic. Still not sure if can work this out but it feels like an intersting path to walk.

The pre-studio down south will be upgraded with fibre this this year. You will probably not notice this at all, but it will make things smoother as we often send music projects back and forth between the two pree-studios and the main studio up north. Planning and digging will take place during spring and summer, so if all our songs start to sound like speed metal this fall – you know why.

The trip to New York that one Yo has been doing the last couple of years in February or March won’t take place this year. Too much activities around the home base to make that happen. Over all we have not planned for placing our business cards around the world, or personal visits lately. Tha’s partly due to the websites coming down all the time. As soon as possible we will get that thing going again, but we want to be sure that our own streaming portal with unpublished music is running properly first.

To sum up this first chapter of 2017 we provide the link to the second teaser for our upcoming EP “DIRT”. It’s the guitar solo in the song “Man in clay” with a rather clear inspiration from “Eagles” as you might hear.

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