NEW INTERVIEW “Unplugged and totally uncut” with Arroe Collins.

This time around we got to talk not only with Arroe, but also two listeners and it’s always nice to chat with people that take an interest in our music. This was also the first time we made the interview through Skype and the sound quality is better than previous interviews made over telephones. No music in this episode but you’ll find the songs at your favorite streaming portal or digital store. If everything works as planned we will place new business cards in Boston real soon. Business cards hold username and password that gives you acces to 14 songs that are only available on our own streaming portal and not yet published elsewhere. Pictures of where the business cards are will be published on our facebook page as soon as they’re out.

Oh, there are two more teasers out on YouTube as well:

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  1. Arroe says:

    My two favorite songwriters and performers… Love sharing conversation with you!!!

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