Songwriting duo that started collaborating in 2011.

IRL, Kicks, Little Did I, Tonite, It Should’ve Been Me and My Heart Glows were some of the songs written in less than two weeks after launching the project. They were used as building blocks for ‘4-Groups R Out’, Yoyo xno’s first collection of recorded tracks.

Yoyo xno did a very low key gig at ‘the Barn’ after finishing work on ‘4-Groups R Out’ . Some footage from ‘the Barn’ ended up in the video for IRL which was the first official release of our work. To begin with our songs were only available through our own streaming portal on the original website and you needed a username and password in order to listen to them. We sent out about a hundred postcards to people in the music industry with no instructions as how to navigate on the website that didn’t have any buttons, but you could click here and there to go places. Not many took their time to explore this, but some did and responded back. The site is constructed so that your username and password cease to work when you log out, but we haven’t said that to anyone until now, almost ten years later. That’s how we know if someone actually listened as the username and password drop out of our list.

The website and streaming portal became a fun thing afterwards as we started placing business cards with username and password in public places all over the world. Sometimes we would place a card between the pages of a book in a book store, or library, and sometimes they were placed in full view on a coffee shop table or similar. After a year or so we started social media accounts and decided to take pictures of the cards when they were placed and then publish the pictures on Facebook with clues as of where in the world the card was. Our idea here was to create an interactive thing between the real world and the Internet. (Long before Pokemon Go, but with credit to people we knew interested in geo catching.) The business card thing came to an end in 2020 as the Corona pandemic hit the world. We’re not sure whether we’ll start it up again further on.

The single Goin’ Out is taken from the second project ‘What Goes Down Must Come Up’ and was the first song released on all major streaming services. As this journey continues more songs are being released at the major digital stores. You’ll find quick links using the “Listen”-button above.

When we first started out, we called ourselves just “Yoyo”. We chose that name as it is a misspelled shortening of our first names and we refer to eachother in emails as Yo and Yo. Although we are two different people this venture is us two together. We also take help from family, friends and good people everywhere that like our music Unfortunately our early releases got mixed up with a rapper from CA using the name Yoyo and hence we changed our name to “Yoyo xno”. xno = kiss and hug.

Below are our releases with the original release date – since our early singles were reissued under the new name “Yoyo xno” they all have the same release year at the streaming services. As of 2021 early singles will be taken down since all tracks has been made available on the album Col. Salts’s Singles Club.

Goin’ out was originally released January 10, 2014 and our first track on all major digital music distributors. To begin with this was an all guitar track, but one Yo cleaned it up and made the synthetic void without a drum beat in the verses that brings the song to a new level. We allow each other to rewrite and alter the songs that we create and that’s what makes them more interesting in our opinion. But it was the second song of ours to go public. The first song to be published was IRL (In real life) that we uploaded to YouTube for Christmas 2012 as we were completing the original website.

Second single Pride / IRL (In Real Life) came out August 28, 2014. Both songs were from our first compilation “4-groups R out“. This cover art was designed in order for us to be able to use it more like a logo and simply alter titles and color when releasing some new songs. As our intention is to create and publish great songs, rather than become familiar faces and artists, this cover was just perfect. Both songs was written at the start of this project and Pride was chosen for the single by our webguy as it was his favorite amongst the twelve songs in our first pile called “4 groups R out”.

Our first two singles got some attention and were played by a few radio stations mainly in the USA. Arroe Collins, at the time with iHeartRadio, had made interviews with us in connection with both releases and he now challenged us to release a Christmas single. In a matter of weeks the third single Merry Christmas (Have some fun) / Down on my knees was written, recorded, produced and sent off to the streaming services. Original release date, October 23, 2014.

The Christmas single was a bit of a success and spread to many new radio stations around the world and so we felt it would be OK to release more tracks. Fourth single Kicks / Walking on sunshine came out February 25, 2015. Kicks came from the first collection of songs made in 2012 and Walking on sunshine from our second collection the following year. A year after this single was released the second song started spinning in Asia for reasons that we still haven’t figured out – but we’re always happy when our songs are being played.

Fifth single Little did I / Leaving everything behind was originally released April 1, 2015. Little did I comes from our first collection of songs “4 groups are out” and Leaving everything behind was written during our third year of this project for that years collection of songs called “Capturing Sensations“. By this time we had realized that it could be a good thing to produce short versions of each songs to promote them on YouTube and not only publish the lyric videos that we do as a gesture of goodwill for everyone that likes to sing along. So, about this time we started publishing short versions there for previous releases.

When it was time for single number six, we thought we’d release some great rock songs with hit potential. Good Game (GG) / Two way street hit the streaming services on May 29, 2015, but that seems to be the only hit about them. We do know, however, that our long-term radio broadcaster friend, at WFAQ LP-FM in Wisconsin, holds the second song as a favorite and got the Beatles references straight away. That song comes from our second year of songwriting and the first track is from “Capturing Sensations

If rock won’t be a hit, let’s try pop and a one chord emo-thing and see where that takes this project. The seventh single Unrefined / Poison was supposed to be released in early 2016, but insufficient brain capacity made us click release asap instead of a fixed date. Original release became December 29, 2015. Both songs were written during 2015 for the collection “Contagious Guitars” that year. We were getting closer to writing and releasing in real time, maybe we were getting more confident about it all. Single was taken down from streaming services January 2021 as both songs are on the EP “Yoyo xno”.

As we don’t want to be categorized to a certain style of music we try to vary the type of songs that we publish. A contest to write a theme song for the computer gaming event “Dreamhack” lead to the release of The Gamer on June 10, 2016. Written, recorded, produced and released that year. (No, we didn’t win that contest – and we don’t know who did.)


August 5, 2016 marks the release of Givin’ it, our collaboration with rapper Johnny B, who contacted us that year with a request of a joint venture. We worked together off and on for about a year, and of the several songs we made together, this is the one that we chose to release. We were asked by radio people “Is this really you?” and if we could send a “radio clean” version, but we don’t know what that means – we’ve marked this single “Explicit” at the digital stores. Release date August 5, 2016.


Our first EP, Yoyo xno, has five tracks altogether. Two of them were remixed versions of the single Unrefined / Poison and the three remaining songs were released for the first time. First track In my room was written for the collection “Contagious Guitars” the year before, the song Pet Farm (Happy Hog) was made prior to this project back in 2008 and All the way came to be at the beginning of the year of the release. Last song mentioned needed more than our voices to become the idea that we had in our heads and some good people came around to help us realize that idea. EP released November 4, 2016.

Second EPDIRT” came out March 17, 2017. 1. Ground is clay was written and recorded three years prior to this release. Lead vocals is from the first creation of the song and sung into a cell phone mic in the middle of the night. 2. Man in clay and 3. I’m doin’ it  too were written for the compilation “What goes down must come up“on the original website. 2 has a harmonized guitar solo inspired by the American band “Eagles” and induced the making of 1 which in turn lead to the creation of 3. The overblown use of the word clay in these lyrics lead to 4. Muddy Waters (if not clay – try mud), a 5/4 piece inspired by the song “Take Five” by Dave Brubeck and all this clay and mud lead us to name this EP “DIRT”. Songs not easily connected to the word “Dirt” are 5. Great Reward which comes from the collecton “Contagious Guitars” and 6. Lifetime that comes from “Capturing Sensations” – the last track is actually the demo recorded just as the song was written and not the elaborated version that we had in mind to begin with and that was broadcasted by Arroe Collins on iHeartRadio in parts of the US some years earlier but never released on streaming services in that manner. EP went off streaming services January 2020 due to a payment failure in connection with change of payment service and was reissued May 15, 2020. In order to hear parts of the elaborated version of Lifetime you’ll need to check the Interviews page.

We published this single on July 21, 2017 as a complement to all the recent releases with real instruments. Both songs are strictly digital in an attempt to create a modern environment without us being total copy cats. First track Just For You was written earlier the same year and the second track Sunny Road is from “Contagious Guitars” and was originally recorded with only acoustic instruments but altered for this release. We made an interview with Arroe Collins about this release that was broadcasted months later. Yeah, we wanted to see if a summer release would work and we know now. Over the years the first track seem to have stuck with some of our listeners and a college radio guy wrote us that the song struck him.


It had been a while since we collaborated with someone on our releases and we had this song Transition from “What goes down must come up” that we felt would get so much better with a female lead vocal. We made two versions of the song, a duet and one with Emilia on lead and us backing. We’re so lucky to find good people to work with and the release date was February 1, 2018. New radio friend, David Bowers, USA, made an interview about it in connection with the release. New music promotion site in Netherlands @MusicaNL came on the bandwagon in connection with this release and helped sharing the songs on their platforms. The soft version of Transition was the first time for us using live drumming in the southern pre-studio.

This year we were preparing to release our first album and then there was another school shooting in the US. With all the crap being written all over, we felt we had to comment and used the music from two of the songs (Burning Bridges, Building Walls and Donny Love Guns (for real)) written for the album to create the single version of Donny love guns. It was made rapidly and released on April 3, 2018. Long time radio broadcast friend in Australia, Banks Radio/Valley FM, altered the title in their playlist to “Donny Loves Guns”, which is totally ok but might make it difficult to find the song. Donny Loves Guns actually makes more sense in this mash-up of the two songs

First albumAll The Songs In The World“, release date October 26, 2018. 1. Never address the issue emerged early this year and immediately had the feeling of an opening of an album about it. It’s perhaps a statement that we don’t want to get stuck in a single genre. 2. All You Want To Hear – your average carpool karaoke song that came along whilst commuting fall 2017. 3. Always My Truth is one of the songs reflecting upon the state of politics in these days, made during this year. 4. We are not alone is also a song of this day and age made this year. 5. Logged Out is one more song about social media and Internet, the back tracks were created for a rap with “Johnny B” a few years back and we made the new lyric and melody this year. 6. We’re here now comes from ideas that had lingered on for some years and was mounted together for this album. 7. Nothing without you started to bounce between our pre-studios in 2017 and met it’s final version in the summer of 2018. 8. Burning Bridges, Building Walls was in the making during spring this year and most of the soundtrack was used for the single Donny Love Guns. 9. Donny Love Guns (For Real) is the song about a school shooting that we put into “Burning Bridges, Building Walls” making the single Donny Love Guns. Confusing? Yes, we love to be! 10. Lonesome Road has been laying around waiting to be released and was written for the collection “Contagious Guitars” a few years ago. It’s thoughts and feelings in connection with spending time with someone you love knowing the days you have left aren’t endless. 11. Can’t see You Anymore is a synthetic piece in line with several similar songs that we’ve made over the years but not published until now. 12. All the songs in the World was written during our first joint session back in 2012 and for a couple of years we’d forgotten about it. One day trying to create something new, we started going through old files and found this tune with everything but the lyric. Kind of easy to sum it up. Radio friend David Bowers was back to chat with us about the album and chose track 6 and 12 for the show.

From the live recording session made in November 2017 we have chosen to release “Leaving Everything Behind (Acoustic)“. Release date May 3, 2019. With much work going on for the second album to come, it was convenient to drop a previous recording just to have something new at the digital music distributors. We did, however, enhance the sound a bit on this release compared to the version on YouTube.

Second album “Kiss & Hug”, release date September 27, 2019. Eleven tracks created without us using our guitars at all. Synthetic to the core, some experimental tracks and some rock and pop dressed up digitally. All songs written, recorded and produced from November 2018 to July 2019. 1. 1790 – we start this album up with a new hymn that follows music tradition hundreds of years back and reflects upon the state of things in France the year after the revolution. We find similarities with today. 2. Better Days – begins as a synthetic rock piece, turns into some kind of electronica and falls back again. About electric cars, trains and your average airplane. 3. Landslide – synth pop that fits any type of excercise, not just dancing, lyric about not turning back. New radio friend in UK, Sheppey FM, chose this track and a few more from this album for airing. 4. Countryside – the only track on this album where the drums sound as a regular acoustic kit, lots of animal sounds here too as the song is about enjoying a trip far from stress, city lights and all that jazz. 5. Better Ways – Wanted to dwell on the electronic part of the second track and made this one for the dance floor – just imagine dancing with a wonderful someone singing along “ask me anything, I’ll do anything”. 6. Hold it – Here we go searching for odd ways to write and produce music that will tickle your ears and put traditional format aside. Soft and searching. 7. Yes – Continuing to explore new ways of songwriting and creating unusual songs with a lyric that doesn’t tell you what to think but rather leaves it open for you to do so. 8. Set in Stone – is following the format of a regular pop song but with a few, hopefully unexpected sounds. We think this too was a favorite of our new friends in the UK. We noticed it still got airtime on Sheppey FM in November 2022. 9. Where you are – a soft modern lullaby about what might happen if you turn off your phone when you go to bed. You might get the impression that acoustic instruments have been used here, but it’s all digital. If you get disturbed by the humming that accompanies the lead vocal you should lower your listening volume. 10. Contract and Expand – this one is inspired by German club music experienced some years ago in Berlin where all songs had this massive, intensive drum going on. 11. Say Goodbye – signing out with something more mainstream and perhaps catchy. Just saying goodbye for now, leaving the digital, non-guitar music in order to continue this journey with live studio recordings we just made.

EP 02022020 went live February 04, the plan was 02), 2020, but some of the songs went out in the air on the correct date, thanks to “The David Bowers Awards and others on various radio stations, and we got the first track out as a lyric video on YouTube on the special date.

First track Wiggle Your Wicked Pants, a hard rock piece with AC/DC influences. The guitar riff came about in a guitar store in L.A. a couple of years ago and when we were messing in the main studio up north in the summer of 2019 with a guest drummer and keyboardist the song was created. 2. Without You (The Phone Song) one of the tracks invented in the studio from a few guitar sketches that one Yo brought along. Other Yo had a great time writing the lyrics after the recording session and originally intended to sing “My Phone How can I Live Without You” but we altered the lyrics later on in the process. 3. Overthrown also a track made during the recording session out of thin air mostly. Just four guys jamming and finding a structure for a music piece. 4. Little Mo Right before taking off to the recording session one Yo asked the other Yo to write two tracks and send them to the other guys so that we’d have something to start with. Departure was only 24 hours away so there was only one song made on that short notice. The inspiration for this song came from spending time with a five year old wonderful girl and when it was time to record the vocals we came to think of one favorite radio station in Mukwonago and how well it would fit the chorus to give them a shout out for supporting us and playing our music over the years. Hence we made a special version of the song for their station only and you can listen to it here. We were also back on air in an interview on the David Bowers Awards with this release.


Time for a new single and to get a crowd to join us singing. The song Free as a bird was written in the summer of 2019 for a collaboration with an african singer that didn’t work out. As we thought the song has some nice features that are in line with our song All the way that has been our most streamed song for some years, we thought it’d be good to release it. Voices recorded just before the 2020 lockdown and isolation. Single distributed to radio stations in May 2020 and hit the streaming services August 14.


A lot of plans were scrapped during 2020 due to the Corona pandemic, but a group of people interested in Folk Music, KALASFOLKET, came to the main studio to record during this summer. We wrote a piece that we hoped would suit their setting and they replied with a wonderful version of a traditional Schottis that we put words to. First track Til the virus has gone dead (Schottis from Kalix) is what we think would happen if Led Zeppelin and Ozzy Osbourne would have played a schottis. Second track Manamarammah is more of a pop folk thing where one Yo picked up his fiddle to enhance the folklore. The guitar melody was influenced by Mike Oldfield’s guitar playing. Release date January 22, 2021.

We wanted to gather our early single releases on an album and hence the compilation “Colonel Salts’s Singles Club“. (Yeah, we still don’t get howcome an extra “S” landed in the title…) The songs are not placed in the order of their original release, but rather to create a set list where they accompany each other nicely. In order for that to work we made some interludes between some of the tracks and an intro. The intro is an enhanced version of the soundtrack that used to start automatically on our original website as soon as you got there. It’s, for some reason, not allowed to have sound going automatically on websites anymore, so it’s not there now. Eventually we will take down some, or all, of the singles from streaming services further on. It might be a smart thing to do to save the new links at your streaming service, just in case the bots won’t find the new ones as the old links go down. Here’s the order on the album: 1 Col. Salt’s Singles Club (Intro) as described above. 2 Goin’ Out the first song we published on streaming services back in 2014. Read more above. 3 Walking on Sunshine read more above. 4 Col. Salt 1 (Interlude) a short digital distrubance where a recorder presents the guitar riff of the following song. 5 Two Way Street read more above. 6 IRL (In real life) read more above. 7 Little did I read more above. 8 Sunny Road read more above. 9 The Gamer read more above. 10 Col. Salt Interlude 2 a short digital disturbance presenting the guitar riff of the following song. 11 Good Game read more above. 12 Just for you read more above. 13 Leaving Everything Behind read more above. 14 Pride read more above. 15 Col. Salt Interlude 3 a short digital distrubance where different types of bells presents the one tone going through, pretty much, the whole next song. 16 Kicks read more above. 17 Givin’ It read more above. 18 Down on my knees read more above. 19 Merry Christmas (Have some fun) read more above. Album released May 14. 2021. Our first distributor decided to tke down all singles in 2022, so this is where you find them now. The only exceptiom is our Christmas single that we reissued with our new distributor as it’s a special holiday single that finds new listeners every year. In 2022 it found it’s way to several Internet radio stations, playlists and some more local radio stations in USA and Canada.

Winter 2021 resulted in a bunch of songs for an upcoming album. This time we thought we would release a few singles on beforehand “from the upcoming album”. Song called Imminent was ready for publication early on and hence the first to get published.  Not your average hit song, rather the opposite, and the name of the upcoming album “Beyond billbored”. We came across some new Internet radio stations that started playing this single amongst them “Good Music Radio” and we also got feedback from some older aquaintaces such as WFAQLP-FM and David Bowers that like this song and it made our best position so far as number three on Banks Radio in Australia. Single release date September 10, 2021. As things turned out we only found time to release one single prior to the album.

Beyond billbored is the third Yoyo xno album (not counting the collection of early singles “Col. Salts’s Singles Club” released in 2021). This time the misspelling is deliberate as we do try to listen to popular songs on billboard every now and then but find ourselves bored. This is the first album of ours where we have been able to use live drumming in the southern pre-studio that now has grown with equipment good enough to handle a full sized drum kit. All songs on this album were written, recorded and produced between January and November 2021.

  1. We’ll Fly. This was one of the last songs to join the collection of 2021 and immediately felt like an opening number with it’s light and positivity. It’s a nice feelgood pop song with a touch of summer. As most of the tracks on this album it’s got real live drumming from the southern pre-studio. This was our first number one on Banks Radio Australia and featured in the interview on The David Bowers Awards. Also picked by some Internet radio stations as one of the songs played there.
  2. Cleaning The House. So many people have a favorite uptempo, happy song that they blast on high volume whilst cleaning but nobody ever, to our knowledge, intentionally made a song for this purpose. Here’s an attempt.
  3. This is your birthday song. There are, as far as we know, simply not enough birthday songs to fill an entire day so here’s another one. Flirting with the 1980’s synthpop rock type of B52’s or somewhere in that neighborhood. One of few tracks on this album with a drum machine instead of real drums.
  4. Move On. Having started this album with three uptempo tracks we bring it down somewhat. This song actually had a predecessor in the song “Give it Up” made for this years collection. That song, though great, will be kept in a drawer for a while as we like to keep some goodies for later. This song starts off gently but grow louder as it moves on and is about shaping up and not giving up.
  5. Perfect Day. Dwelling on pretty flowers, chirping birds and sunshine in order to forget frustation over things gone sour. Your average carefree feeling supplied. Turned out to become the most streamed song from this album in a few months after the album release and frequently played on Spotify Algoritmic Radio.
  6. Slow Down. Our way of supporting Greta Thunberg and her mission to save the world. We might need to point out that we’re not referring to her in the lyric as the person that likes to debate – that line is for her opponents and people that still try to hide their head in the sand. Time for debate is over – action is needed and the action is to slow down everything. This song also was featured in the interview on The David Bowers Awards and complemented for the sound.
  7. Tread Softly. There’s still a streaming service that label us as a reggae band, so we feel inclined to deliver something of the kind every now and then. This track is about the difficulties of mending a relationship gone wrong but it’s the good vibes coming through. Digital drum machine on this one as it served the song so well.
  8. Mutual. These days you can’t be too certain that a complimant will go the right way. You have to be super polite and sure that you’re not offending the person you desire. Then again that has always been the smart way. Uptempo catchy thing with a rather clear musical reference to Ray Charles.
  9. Sirens. Our good friend “Dick the stick”, that took care of the drumming on our EP “02022020” when we wanted to record live as a band in the main studio, joined us for this track and he is also doing the bass guitar here. This is probably as hard and trash as it gets with Yoyo xno. A song about getting lured to drown and trying get out of it.
  10. Always. The constant chase to try and make the greatest love song of all times continues. Soft and easy track describing the average day in a long-term relationship. As this was one of the first track in this years collection we spent some time without listening to it and when we got back we tried to find the version with real drums instead of digital ones. It turned out that the sound of the drums in the southern studio is so good we couldn’t tell the difference straight away. So, yes it’s real drumming.
  11. Good Friends. Here we go hard again. Feeling angry about bullies and people with too much stuff in general. Good friends are worth more than money can buy.
  12. Imminent. Previously released as a single. Read above. Album release date March 4, 2022.

The setting on most of the songs on this album is drum kit, acoustic fretless bass, guitar (acoustic or electric), lapsteel, piano and vocals in order to maintain the cottage feeling. Release date: January 6, 2023.

  1. The House of The Setting Sun. This album started with a photo session and the picture that is the sleeve design. The picture got the title and the songs was written after that. A bit rusty from not creating for more than a year and eager to get ahead without finding a clean piano that sounded right, one Yo chose the piano with synth strings attached for the creative situation and that kind of lead to the result of a rather simple production. Other Yo replied with a reference to the “Laurel Canyon” sound and soon we placed ourselves in the house on the cover and placed it there. For the first time we’ve tried, as best we can, to create an album where the songs sound similar, but of course we have to vary somewhat – otherwise it would not be Yoyo xno.
  2. Make That Ride. After having received a batch of songs Yo replied with this track that’s just a lovely warm welcoming piece with exquisite harmonics. Other Yo found it to be a bit George Harrison like, but still in that cottage in Laurel Canyon. This track hit the “airwaves” for the first time in December 2022 with the help of Internet radio station “Good Music Radio“. It was also one of two tracks played on The David Bowers Awards where we had a good talk about the new album.
  3. Vacation Postcard. If Nirvana went to Laurel Canyon, became vegans and interested in recycling and locally produced food this is the postcard they would send.
  4. Success! Here’s a track that has been lingering in our magic box with unpublished songs for years. It started out as some kind of rock song, but that never worked out well. This year we put some reggae flavor to it and when we added brass licks and that football choir it kind of took off. Hope you like it too – it’s a success!
  5. Sorry for (Summer of 22). After that short stop in Jamaica we go back to the canyon again. Reflecting over the way things are in the world of 2022. After a world wide pandemic some moron decides to start a war that will affect the whole world. Smart! And his friends that manufactures approximately everything and now owns lots of important structures in the world aren’t really working for global peace either. On top of that we strive to find quick solutions that are certain to shorten the life of earth.
  6. Well Runs Dry. Here we skipped the drums and went totally camp fire. Still pondering over the state of affairs in the year of 2022. Who’s paying for this?
  7. Headlights Down The Rd. Now to something much easier and back to Jamaica. Report from a rainy porch waiting for that someone to turn up and finally. This little melody that’s instrumental has been a friend of ours for some time and now it’s here.
  8. Wisdom. Reflections of the easy life. Inspired by two German hitchhikers that came to visit for a couple of days. Back in the canyon. This track was also featured in the interview about the album on The David Bowers Awards.
  9. Til the Warden Shows. All of our albums need a catchy pop / rock thing that will hint to Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Beach Boys and whatever you can mash into that genre. Here we go!
  10. Eyes Open Wide. Soft and gentle in that cabin in the canyon again. What happens when your mind starts drifting. Yes, the lap steel guitar is here too. Peace, Love and Understanding. What ever happened to Flower Power. Yeah, and the longest drum fill ever at the end that Yo thought sounded like something Tom Waits would have done.
  11. Each Time. Pop in the canyon. A song about good releationships. They might be wife and husband, two friends or wife and wife, or husband and husband, or Chinese and American or Russian and Brittish. Hey folks – we need each other. The world is a globe – “a” as in one.
  12. River Dark and Wide. So, we went back to Jamaica to get groovy and get our dreams to work together. Let’s be chill with each other and do nice things like music.
  13. The Neighbour Song. Finally, they needed a corny party song back in Laurel Canyon, so we tried to cut it short. Almost Jamaica too as it’s got a bit of Ska to it. Also our first hint of recognition to listeners in Spain and Australia. Special thanks to Isaac Banks / Banks Radio in Canberra that keep playing our music. (This track was the first from this album to hit the airwaves in November 2022 in Australia and in December at The David Bowers Awards, USA.) Have a laugh – we did – and play it on repeat until you go nuts.

Since you actually scrolled down here to see if there’s anything else to know we’ll give you a shortcut to the chronicle on the original page, dating back to the start of this project.

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