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Check us out on facebook, instagram or twitter:


* We aim to get a short post, sometimes longer, out there every day. This is where you join the hunt for business cards. (No business cards placed since early 2020 due to the pandemic). As of January 2022 we might not publish something every day, but often.


  • We aim to get a picture out there every other day. Usually without a comment, but not always. As of July 2021 pictures are published occasionally.


  • Occasional posts when something special is going to happen. As of November 2021 more frequent posts and activity.

Contact us using this form:

    5 Responses to Contact & social media

    1. Jaume says:

      Hello, Jaume from Electricitat here. Feel free to send some promos to the email provided.


    2. Marshall Stax says:

      Hi… I’m playing your music on my show: Monday, 21 April – 6-7pm PT KALX-FM 90.7 – or:

      Do you have Twitter/Facebook?

    3. Eliza says:

      Hello – the email contact form isn’t working (problem with captcha) – sent a message via FB. Thanks!

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