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Check us out on facebook, instagram or twitter:


* We aim to get a short post, sometimes longer, out there every day. This is where you join the hunt for business cards. (No business cards placed since early 2020 due to the pandemic).


  • We aim to get a picture out there every other day. Usually without a comment, but not always.

X or Twitter

  • Occasional posts when something special is going to happen. As of November 2021 more frequent posts and activity.

Contact us using this form:

    5 Responses to Contact & social media

    1. Jaume says:

      Hello, Jaume from Electricitat here. Feel free to send some promos to the email provided.


    2. Marshall Stax says:

      Hi… I’m playing your music on my show: Monday, 21 April – 6-7pm PT KALX-FM 90.7 – or:

      Do you have Twitter/Facebook?

    3. Eliza says:

      Hello – the email contact form isn’t working (problem with captcha) – sent a message via FB. Thanks!

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