Just taking things as they come

It was a nice summer with new listeners, warmth and a bit of togetherness. Not that we were all that creative or so, but sometimes talking, discussing and planning strengthen the bonds and brings life to this project. There are anniversaries coming up as it’s been ten years since our first single hit all major streaming services in January and was followed by other singles later on the same year. However, we aren’t planning to do re-issues or similar releases to bring attention to that although the thought has crossed our minds. We will probably settle for shout outs on our social media accounts and let that be it.

As a matter of fact we feel quite content with our two latest albums and think they can have some more time before we start pushing new music out there. We also need time to take things in and are looking forward to hearing “The house of the rising sun” with “The Animals” live as they’re doing their farewell tour here in short.

Even though things are moving quite slow they haven’t come to a complete stop. One Yo is active rehearsing and playing live with local bands. He is also talking about writing songs in Swedish in some kind of future project. Other Yo has started some kind of art thing that might be a song we will release with a featured artist, but it might just as well end up on a tape in a tape recorder that we place in a forrest playing on repeat until the batteries run out. We’ll make sure to pick it up again to prevent pollution though.

It seems as if we won’t pick up the hunt for our business cards all over the world again. It was a fun things we had going for years, but the pandemic put it to a complete stop in 2020 and maybe it’s for the better that we don’t start again. Most of the pictures are gathered here if you’d like to check out the past. Our social media accounts are still active pretty much as usual though and we keep releasing lyric videos on our YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading this and taking an interest in our work. Thanks for streaming, airing and sharing our music and lyric videos.

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