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About a week ago we noticed that there was a conflict as of who holds the rights to our music on YouTube and that they now publish our songs merely as sound files there. As we want to be the only ones to publish our stuff on YouTube and also only want them to provide the songs that we supply with video content we started talking to our partners.

Our suggestion was that YouTube Music should link their files only to the ones provided on our own channel and with the video content and that seemed to be a bit tricky, but for our old singles and EP’s it has now been done. When it comes to this years releases “Transition”, “Donny love guns” and “All the songs in the world” our partner couldn’t do it without also having to take them down from Google Play and as we want to stay there we’ve asked them to let them stay on for now.

Our YouTube account have now also been certified and there shouldn’t be conflicts there anymore, but we still haven’t seen result from that with regard to campiagns just yet. Hopefully it’ll work out further on, but we probably won’t be able to boost the Christmas single as planned this year – then again Christmas comes back next year so until then we’ll have some fun!

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